Sokker Extended Tactic Editor, by Terrion :) ?
Insert title here SETE requires a browser with CORS restriction disabled to be able to login. You have more information in the FAQ of Sokker Asistente.

If you login, your tactics will appear on the left side. This will allow you to load the one you want to edit it.

The tactic on the right side is an auxiliary tactic that you can use to pass the positions of the players of this tactic to the main one.

The arrows are used to move the positions you have selected in all tactical combinations. You can also specify in what combinations you want them to move, selecting these combinations in the image of the pitch. This can be useful to raise or lower the whole defense, for example, avoiding touching the last two rows of the tactic, which usually does not vary.

"Swap" allows you to swap two selected positions.

"Mirror" inverts the selected positions horizontally.

The text box below each tactic serves to transport the tactic from one user to another, or to save the tactic in a text file and reuse it at another time.

"Save" saves the tactics of the left side in Sokker. You must have previously logged into Sokker in another browser tab in order for Sokker to accept the changes.